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Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Mask


Benefits: Moisturizing and Repairing

Pack Size: 8 pieces

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Functions: Moisturizing and Repairing, Softening and Nourishing

Perfect Serum-infused Mask

This serum-infused mask contains fine ingredients including Hyaluronic acid, Arbutin, and Peptides that hydrate, whiten, refine, and repair the skin. The mask saturates every inch of the skin in the special serum, allowing the skin to fully absorb its richness. This mask with perfectly blended serum reinvigorates, restores hydration, lightens skin tone and shapes the face, giving you youthful and radiant skin day after day. 

Moisturizing and Repairing

The poly-molecular Hyaluronic acid effectively restores, replenishes and retains water, providing essential hydration to dry and rough skin. It contains Aloe vera, Acetyl glucosamine and other hydrating serums that complement Multi-SilkTM in creating silky smooth skin. It provides long-lasting hydration and reinvigoration to the deep layers of the skin, allowing the skin to stay moist, supple, and luminous.

Softening and Nourishing

Contains esterified Hyaluronic acid, and extracts from white Birch, and Ginkgo biloba to effectively soothe skin and boost skin’s ability to adapt to the environment. It helps replenish dry and damaged skin to ensure optimum oil-water balance and creates velvety, beautiful skin.

Recommended Skin Types: All skin types. Especially for those with dry and rough skin


All of the products in this series contain Multi-SilkTM which is enriched with silk Amino acids, silk Peptide, and silk Fibroin compound. It rapidly infuses the rough and irregular outer layer of skin, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. Its skin firming effect is superior to that of common Collagen. It is also extremely mild while repairing damaged and irritated skin, achieving baby soft skin which radiates flawless shine from within.

Ultra-thin Hydrating Fabric

Made with silky Tencel fabric, woven with a unique technique to create a thin and hydrating structure that is also soft and translucent. Its enhanced water absorption feature and distinctive cut ensure seamless coverage of the skin. The serum of the mask rapidly penetrates the skin, leaving the skin beautiful and hydrated.

Advanced safe product 
The series of products do not contain added paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oils, pigments and fluorescent agents.


After cleansing and toning, tear open the mask and apply it over the face. Remove after 20-30 minutes. If there is essence left on the face, gently massage it into skin with fingertips until it is fully absorbed. No rinsing is necessary. Follow your regular skincare regimen to seal in the nourishment.

Please place this product out of reach of children. Please do not use this product on a wound or swelling. If there is discomfort and swelling after use, please stop use and consult a dermatologist. This product is not suitable for children. For sensitive skin, please conduct a sensitivity test on a small area of skin. Proceed to use when no irritation occurs.

Storage instructions:
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Date of Manufacture:
Labeled on packaging (year/month/day)

Shelf Life: Three years

My Beauty Diary’s highly acclaimed range of facial masks is the No.1 Selling Facial Mask in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong! Since its launch in 2004, it stormed to fame after it was strongly recommended on Taiwan’s Beauty Queen 女人我最大 TV program. It set the online community buzzing with its amazing results and affordable pricing. The more recently launched Eye Masks have also become the No.1 Selling Eye Mask in Singapore within a year of its launch.

Wide Variety using Nature-Inspired Key Ingredients

My Beauty Diary offers a wide variety of sheet masks with benefits to accompany every girl on her skin care journey. You’re bound to find one that will suit your daily needs. With the wide choice of nature-inspired key ingredients, you get to indulge your skin with the best that nature has to offer.

Patented Long-lasting Moisturizing Ingredient - CosphingoTM

The flagship Natural Key Line facial mask range now features a patented moisturizing ingredient - CosphingoTM. This naturally-extracted ingredient provides long-lasting moisturization for improved hydration, enabling the skin to feel soft and supple like a baby’s!

3D Refined Tailoring Mask Structure that is Free of Harmful Chemicals

Made of extremely pure and eco-friendly plant fibres from Japan, the unique three-layer structured masks are renowned for their exceptional ability to absorb water. With 3D refined tailoring and texture characteristics, the masks fit perfectly onto facial contours including the chin area, offering everyone optimal adherence and a comfortable fit. Being free of harmful paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oils, pigments and fluorescent agents, the new mask range is also safe for use on all skin types including sensitive skin.

Discover for yourself why My Beauty Diary has taken the beauty world by storm!


Nature’s Mart SG is the Authorized Online Store for My Beauty Diary in Singapore and all products are responsibly sourced direct from the brand owner. We carry the Official English Packaging in Singapore which is currently unaffected by counterfeits.

*Always insist on purchasing My Beauty Diary masks from an authorized retailer to avoid undesired results with counterfeits.

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